Handling everything from data checking and EPUBs to XML conversion of automated page makeup and conversion of manuscripts to InDesign rough page makeup, le-tex aspect is the web-based system integration platform for state-of-the-art publishing workflows.

It has at its core the open-source conversion and checking framework transpect, to which it adds a user interface, workflow management components, and additional input/output handlers.

From vision to reality

For over 10 years, le-tex has been successfully pursuing the goal of using automation processes to boost effectiveness and quality and reduce costs in book and journal production.

With aspect, le-tex has developed a product that provides this know-how to customers in bundled form. The aim of aspect is to respond to publishers' current needs for a wide range of different products. In parallel with the print output, the aspect data is output in any desired e-book format. aspect is designed as a web-based publishing system and works according to a simple principle: Upload > Check > Publish.

The answer to industry developments

The developments of the past few years in the publishing sector – extreme cost pressure, transfer of production abroad etc. – are a challenge that le-tex has successfully addressed. le-tex has developed a solution that allows publishers to work even more efficiently and also represents an attractive alternative to offshoring.

aspect ensures standardized, efficient, and sustainable production – made in Germany. Workflows are optimized and cost-effectiveness guaranteed. And the prices are really competitive too.

To test le-tex aspect, just request your demo access.


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