“Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte” (From Politics and Contemporary History)

Customer: bpb

Illustration: APuZ (bpb)

Admittedly, accessibility is not as exciting as, for example, the latest tablet gadget with interactive video sequences. But it is important, because it opens up social discourse to the blind and visually impaired, among others. And it is demanding to implement, especially if there are to be no compromises in terms of graphic design. le-tex achieves this week after week, thanks to its XML and InDesign expertise.

“It is a real pleasure when cooperation is as productive and uncomplicated as it is with le-tex, extending beyond simply complying with the standards. You could say that le-tex stands for accessibility in more ways than one.”

Dr. Hans-Georg Golz, Instructor, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung (bpb)