Tom L. McKnight, Darrel Hess: “Physische Geographie (Physical Geography)”

Illustration: Physische Geographie (Pearson)

Pearson Education is one of the world’s largest educational publishers. The brand Pearson Studium produces attractive university textbooks in German.

This stylishly designed, 900-page textbook was typeset in InDesign from Word input, including the creation of a layout template, extensive review cycles, and index coding – to very tight time schedules.

“We value le-tex as a versatile prepress service provider. High-quality ranges like Pearson Studium require numerous skills, from math typesetting and design to meticulous project handling. The le-tex team combines all these skills and more besides, such as XML processing, high availability, and consulting.”

Barbara Scheuer-Arlt, Production Director, Pearson Education