Matthias Dehmer, Frank Emmert-Streib (Eds.): “Analysis of Complex Networks”

Customer: Wiley-VCH

Illustration: Full Service (Wiley-VCH)

The publisher Wiley-VCH is part of the global publishing group John Wiley & Sons, Inc. and specializes in natural sciences, engineering sciences, and economics.

For Wiley-VCH, le-tex developed a tailor-made workflow for full-service production that integrates data normalization, copy editing, XML conversion, and page makeup from XML. This allows print and XML data and linked e-book PDFs to be produced easily. le-tex was also commissioned to perform the project management.

“Reducing complexity, implementing standards, thinking in advance of ways to use content in the future – these are some of the tasks of modern production editing. At the same time and above all, production editing must satisfy the exacting demands of today’s authors, readers, content, and controllers. le-tex helps us handle all this with its full-service portfolio: Straightforward interfaces, standard-compliant editing, transparent costs, along with the right amount of flexibility and valuable feedback that makes for good partnership and cooperation.”

Dagmar Kleemann, Head of Book Content Management, Wiley-VCH