Copy editing (CE) is the formal, linguistic, and/or factual revision of texts.

Linguistic CE

Author manuscripts sometimes need to be linguistically revised, for instance because the author is not writing in his or her mother tongue or because the publisher has issued special guidelines e.g. for abbreviations, keywords, and quotations. For linguistic revision of manuscripts, le-tex uses a network of German and English native speakers with scientific training. The revision can range from a simple spellcheck through spelling conversion (from old to new German spelling or from American to British English), to verifying solutions to exercises. Depending on customer requirements, the copy editors take great care not to rephrase texts more than is strictly necessary, so as not to misrepresent the statements contained in the work or the personal style of the author.

Input data

Formal copy editing is often performed as part of the process of normalizing input data during typesetting.

If linguistic or factual CE is also required after the formal CE, the copy editors edit the normalized electronic data in Word, TeX, and XML formats. le-tex can create a Delta PDF (document comparison before/after CE) for each of these typesetting formats, so that the author and/or publisher can track the changes made.


le-tex offers copy editing assessment, i.e. the assessment of manuscripts to establish whether formal CE is sufficient or whether linguistic CE is necessary.


A further CE service performed by le-tex is the creation of glossaries and subject, name, and other indexes.

Quality assurance

The work of the copy editors is subject to regular quality controls by an independent expert. Standardized suitability tests, differentiated according to language and subject area, are also available for the selection.


Copy editing is available for German and English manuscripts. Other languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish) are also covered, all using native speakers.

Subject areas

le-tex employs copy editors for the following subject areas: Chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, IT, and engineering.


Copy editing can be billed at an all-inclusive price per work, per unit of time, or per standard unit (1800 characters excluding spaces and markup). The rate depends on the complexity of the copy editing and the type of template (Word or TeX/XML).


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