2020-03-18 Work from Home

Many colleagues work from home from now on. In most cases phone calls will be forwarded. However, in particular those colleagues who need to attend their children at home might have chosen not to forward incoming calls, or they might be unable to react in a timely manner. If you cannot reach your contact person, we kindly ask you to call the reception desk at +49-341-355356-0 or to send an email message.

le-tex supports publishing houses and organizations in the production of books, journals, and electronic publications.

The company's services include:

  • Typesetting, 
  • Production editing, 
  • Image processing/reprography, 
  • Copy editing (linguistic/formal revision of texts), 
  • Media-neutral data preparation (e.g. simultaneous publication of print, online, e-book and CD version), 
  • Digitization of previous editions, 
  • Electronic workflow systems (integration, operation, and consulting), 
  • Development of layouts and style sheets, 
  • Support for authors in the drafting of TeX and Word manuscripts, and 
  • Complete outsourcing of the production process (“Full Service Vendor”). 

le-tex has particular expertise in the STM sector (Science, Technology, Medicine) specializing in math typesetting, XML workflows, complex/extensive Word titles, and German-language titles.

The company's customers include famous publishing groups such as Springer, Wiley, and Pearson, as well as organizations such as DIN.

With a workforce of over 100 and an international supplier network, le-tex produces over 1000 books and electronic products every year in the science and technology, guidebooks, and fiction sectors.

As a publisher, author, printer, or reader, you benefit from the experience, quality, and service portfolio of a specialist service provider in the German SMB sector based in Leipzig, a historical center of book publishing.