le-tex supports publishing houses and organizations in the production of books, journals, and electronic publications.

The company's services include:

  • Typesetting, 
  • Production editing, 
  • Image processing/reprography, 
  • Copy editing (linguistic/formal revision of texts), 
  • Media-neutral data preparation (e.g. simultaneous publication of print, online, e-book and CD version), 
  • Digitization of previous editions, 
  • Electronic workflow systems (integration, operation, and consulting), 
  • Development of layouts and style sheets, 
  • Support for authors in the drafting of TeX and Word manuscripts, and 
  • Complete outsourcing of the production process (“Full Service Vendor”). 

le-tex has particular expertise in the STM sector (Science, Technology, Medicine) specializing in math typesetting, XML workflows, complex/extensive Word titles, and German-language titles.

The company's customers include famous publishing groups such as Springer, Wiley, and Pearson, as well as organizations such as DIN.

With a workforce of over 100 and an international supplier network, le-tex produces over 1000 books and electronic products every year in the science and technology, guidebooks, and fiction sectors.

As a publisher, author, printer, or reader, you benefit from the experience, quality, and service portfolio of a specialist service provider in the German SMB sector based in Leipzig, a historical center of book publishing.