Journal production

Interconnected and effective

We have invested a lot of energy in establishing a highly efficient workflow for journal production. This has led to a streamlined process, optimized by automation, in which we handle the entire production process, from editing the individual articles to finalizing the print data for the issues.

Our skill at finding custom solutions to perfectly realize your ideas makes us your perfect partner for magazines and special projects where a high degree of automation is not the best way to arrive at the finished product. For special projects, we offer live typesetting with the customer via screen sharing, after creating a rough draft first.

We have various typesetting systems for precisely tailored conversion of the input data, depending on the layout requirements. All articles can be efficiently and easily compiled in the final journal using internal auto­mated processes, regardless of the layout and typesetting program. We also check and prepare the acquired ads and place them in the journal according to your requirements.

In addition to medical journals, for which we offer a complete, expert editing service, we cover a broad range of other topics: from humanities and social science through IT and technology to mathematics and natural science. We are flexible when it comes to input data and process both TeX data and manuscripts created in Word equally efficiently.

Our internal production database is the core element which maps the editing status of each article. It interconnects the individual departments and initiates processes automatically based on the publisher's submitted requirements, and therefore speeds them up. The individual production stages, such as data structuring, image processing, copy editing, and typesetting with an automated typesetting system merge seamlessly together, making us perfectly equipped to handle time-critical jobs.

We produce around 10,000 articles per year in this way, consisting of around 90,000 pages in total, published in some 800 issues.

As an interface between the publisher and the authors, we handle all the communication tasks and fulfill an advisory role for all parties involved. The workflows are closely monitored by our experienced project managers, in order to ensure that your quality and efficiency standards are met.

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Overview of services

  • Highly automated XML-First Workflows for the production of journals and magazines

  • Automatic quality checks during the process

  • Parallel use of different typesetting systems depending on article requirements within a journal

  • Realization of complex layouts and demanding content

  • Structuring and revision of manuscripts

  • Standardization of illustrations in the journal layout, including complex redrawing

  • Issue building including placement of scheduled ads

  • Project management including author support and publisher consulting

  • Real-time view of the production status via customer interface

  • Live typesetting in direct contact with the customer via screen sharing