• To understand the needs of content providers and meet those needs with an approach centered on flexibility, quality, adherence to deadlines, and purpose-oriented technology. 
  • To give staff a responsible and meaningful role, deploy them appropriately according to their skills, and reward good performance. 
  • To value creativity – in terms of content, design, and programming. 
  • To be a technological leader in our industry by rapidly identifying pioneering standards and implementing them on a lasting basis. 
  • To carry forward the tradition of Leipzig as a publishing center. 


  • To formalize and scale quality and organization without sacrificing flexibility. 
  • To support customers not only during implementation, but also in the definition of their content strategy. 
  • To be regarded as more cost-effective in the medium to long-term than our competitors. 
  • To reinstate Leipzig's role as a center of the “content industry”.