For multiple use of data, data standards must be established within a data workflow. This makes it possible to ensure that data in the workflow is passed on to the next stage in such a way that it can be processed further without additional labor and the uncontrollable time expenditure and costs that this entails.

Templates and style sheets are simple and effective tools for implementing standards such as these.

le-tex creates style sheets for Word, InDesign, and LaTeX.


The development of a style sheet always starts with a definition of the possible elements. We are happy to advise you on this and, for example, hold workshops with your editorial team.

Once the structure and elements (which can also be defined via your DTD, for instance) are in place, the template's purpose, target group, and position within the workflow must be decided. This also governs the decision about which Word versions must be supported and whether other word processing programs such as Open Office need to be supported. Essentially, the choice is between:

  • Word templates that are to be used to create finished output data, i.e. that also need to contain suitable elements for columns and aids to page makeup and  
  • Word templates aimed at ensuring the correct formal and semantic acquisition of the content. 

le-tex offers interesting and detailed solutions for both types of template. le-tex presents the paragraph and character styles in user-friendly menu bars – solutions for Word formats from Word 2007 onwards also possible if desired by reprogramming the ribbon.

le-tex creates manuals aimed at specific target groups.


In an InDesign workflow aimed at producing more than the print PDF or in which the raw typesetting data is to be further processed later, standardization of the data is the key to cutting costs. Particularly when working with different service providers, the development and application of appropriate templates simplifies enforcement of these types of standards.

le-tex offers the development of suitable templates and training in their application.


Are there more than four layouts in LaTeX? Can you also incorporate your Corporate Design in presentations created in LaTeX – and in letters?

Of course, thanks to le-tex's extensive LaTeX know-how. We create the appropriate class and style files, write manuals for these, and also provide training on how to use these style sheets.

Testing of documents

Standardization with style sheets only works in practise if the documents can also be tested for compliance with the style sheets. le-tex offers various options for this within its web service le-tex aspect.


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