Document templates

Structure and form for Office, TeX, and InDesign

Templates make life easier. Everyone benefits—your authors, your company, and your typesetting providers.

In companies and public authorities, communication and documentation are firmly embedded in the daily work routine. Templates for implementing necessary format and layout parameters and recurring technical requirements are a useful tool. They allow processes to be streamlined and visual standards to be established. We support you with templates for everything from reports, business documents, routing slips, and spreadsheets in Word to PowerPoint presentations in your company’s own Corporate Design, helping you to formalize your corporate communications in all standard MS Office applications. Accessibility requirements for documents can also be taken into account when creating templates. We are happy to provide detailed advice and supply you with suitable templates, depending on the required applications and the interfaces needed for linking to proprietary software.

Templates also play a central role in the publishing industry because the technical quality of supplied manuscripts has a major influence on the length and cost of the production process. Supporting authors with suitable tools at the manuscript creation stage can help to minimize the work required for integration in the production workflow.

Our Word style sheets for entering content are easy and intuitive to use, and ensure that everything is marked up correctly. Additionally, they can be populated with data from XML workflows at any time to automate the editing process. We can also provide you with templates for generating finished layouts and/or output data (e.g. for camera-ready production).

We are happy to advise you on the development of style sheets, including in InDesign or LaTeX, and can run workshops for your editorial team if required. Naturally, we provide detailed manuals for using the template, either in the requested format or as a web resource.

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  • Walter de Gruyter: Word data-entry template and Word and LaTeX templates in the De Gruyter layout for various book and journal output formats

  • Carl Hanser and Hanser Fachbuchverlag: LaTeX and InDesign templates for editorial management, editing, and authorship

  • Suhrkamp: Word template for structuring and markup of manuscripts

  • DIN: Management and updating of the Word templates for markup of the DIN standards