le-tex had its own booth (Hall 4.2, L72) once again at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair (Oct. 11–15, 2017).

Events at the trade show booth

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Producing Born-Accessible E-Books With transpect

Wed Oct 11 10:00

Adding accessibility does not necessarily cost extra money – at least when you are producing e-books with the open-source framework transpect. This way, many accessibility requirements will be met automatically, without incurring extra work or costs. We will demonstrate which features transpect will provide out of the box, and we will talk about best practices for making digital products more accessible.

Martin Kraetke


The monolithic paradigm is obsolete – a framework for Web-based content management

Wed Oct 11 15:45

No one these days needs to buy an expensive content management system. Some publishers have already learned that after years of implementation and customization, they are left with a CMS that is outdated, poorly configurable, bureaucratic, insulated from peer systems, and where a change request might need half a year to be completed. As opposed to this, le-tex offers a component framework that allows modular, Web-based and networked solutions to be created and deployed quickly. Configurable components exist for Web-based editing, content management, workflow orchestration, PDF and e-book rendering, and process monitoring.

Dr. Jan Schilbach


Crowdfunding Math Markup: How STEM Publishers Can Support Open-Source Projects Around MathML

Fri Oct 13 11:45

MathML is already entrenched in publishing – but there are still gaps that keep publishers from reaping the benefits of end-to-end workflows. Dissatisfied with the accuracy and automatability of existing solutions, le-tex asked publishers to crowdfund an open-source converter from Word with MathType formulas to XML/HTML with impeccable MathML. Dissatisfied with the accessibility, visual quality or speed of existing solutions, Igalia dramatically improved native MathML rendering in Firefox and now wants to bring native MathML to Chromium. This initiative still seeks crowdfunding. Broad availability of native MathML rendering in all browsers and e-book engines will eliminate the need for fallback conversions or slow polyfills, thereby paying back the investment to publishers.

The invitation (PDF) has more details.

Gerrit Imsieke


Copy & Paste is a Thing of the Past: Integrated, Interconnected Journal and Book Production Between Publisher and Vendor

Fri Oct 13 15:00

We learned to avoid re-keying of manuscripts in typesetting. By using ONIX throughout the production chain, we are getting better at avoiding re-entry of metadata. But what about commissioning work items between publishers and vendors? Aren’t their respective IT systems too disparate to allow efficient communication? Springer is a pioneer in electronic job sheet exchange, and le-tex has participated in these workflows since 2004. We demonstrate, from a vendor’s perspective, how publisher/vendor relationships may largely be automatized as part of (semi-) automatic conversion, rendering, bookkeeping, and resubmission systems that we have created.

Carsten Schlich



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