Custom, cutting-edge production

Auftraggeber: German Federal Agency for Civic Education

The journal Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, with 27 issues per year, a supplement to the German weekly newspaper "Das Parlament", requires precise timing for its production, expert communication, and technical know-how. The production editing of the supplement, known as APuZ for short, combines high graphic design requirements with accessibility of content to allow blind and vision-impaired readers to actively participate in the social discourse. le-tex successfully achieves this week after week, thanks to its XML and InDesign expertise.

It is a real pleasure when cooperation is as productive and uncomplicated as it is with le-tex, from complying with the standards to applying the creative redesign and beyond. You could say that le-tex stands for accessibility in more ways than one.

Dr. Hans-Georg Golz, Consultant, German Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb)