Standard Work

Virani, Bezchlibnyk-Butler, Jeffries, Procyshyn (Eds.): „Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs“

Auftraggeber: Hogrefe Publishing

The Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs (CHPD) is a standard reference work on the North American market. In parallel with the printed version, the 19th edition has also been released as an online version for private individuals and institutions for the first time.

le-tex converted the data from the previous edition to standard XML (DocBook) and, with the aid of standard XML processing technologies (XSLT 2.0), transformed it into data consistent with the web standards HTML, CSS and Javascript.

The application, including the search function, can also be used in standalone form, which means it can also be distributed on other media and is suitable as a basis for apps.

Our customers had long been interested in an online version. We are delighted to have successfully realised this as a single source publishing project with the help of le-tex. We believe that the use of open standards is a guarantee for the future and protects our investment.

Robert Dimbleby, Publishing Manager, Hogrefe Publishing (2012)