Project management with know-how from production

Auftraggeber: Georg Thieme Verlag KG

The Thieme Layout Manual

The publisher Georg Thieme Verlag uses le-tex for all project management relating to the production of medical textbooks. We coordinate workflows and deadlines with all the parties involved and stay in close contact with the publisher and authors throughout the whole production process, to ensure that the project runs transparently and seamlessly. We handle the commissioning of external service providers for typesetting or image processing and run the publisher’s own CMS.

We value this excellent partnership highly because the le-tex team not only provides reliable and reputable support for our works and authors, but also runs our processes and systems expertly and efficiently. We are thoroughly impressed by the service that le-tex offers for the production editing of our technical publications, which are large in scope with complex content. 

Martina Dörsam, Team Leader Production Management, Georg Thieme Verlag KG