Production editing is the integrated supervision of the publication process.

With its team of highly trained and experienced production specialists, le-tex can oversee the whole production process, depending on requirements, from the manuscript stage (including technical consulting on manuscript drafting) to the delivery of the published product or its publication on an online platform.

To support production departments running at peak capacity, le-tex is also happy to take care of partial tasks such as:

  • Review, normalization and markup of manuscripts; 
  • Technical consulting for authors and editors; 
  • Costing; 
  • Procurement and supervision of prepress services; 
  • Coordination of the correction process; 
  • Procurement and supervision of printing and binding processes; 
  • Material selection and purchase; and 
  • Briefing and consulting on design tasks. 

In addition to the customer's specifications, le-tex always retains an overview of the whole process and of course the finished product.

le-tex has particular experience in advising authors who wish to typeset their work themselves. Production costs and times depend on the quality of the input data in the production process. Investing in author templates and author consulting helps optimize these two factors.


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