le-tex develops checking and conversion tools, style sheets for TeX, Word, and InDesign, semi-automatic page makeup systems, web and mobile applications, and workflow management systems. Services include:

  • Implementing electronic customer workflows;

  • Workflow and content management systems;

  • TeX macro development;

  • Development of complex Word templates;

  • Conversion of input data:

    • PostScript/PDF,

    • TeX (all macro packages, author macros),

    • XML (any document types, including OpenDocument format and MS Office Open XML),

    • DTP systems such as Pagemaker, Quark, 3B2... and

    • Databases;

  • Conversion for data return;

  • TeX → XML (→ XHTML etc.);

  • Management of complex, structured data such as encyclopedias (cross-reference resolution, synonyms);

  • PDF adaptations and pre-flight corrections.

le-tex also develops small scripts and large software packages for in-house use based on standard technologies such as Perl, Ruby on Rails, XSLT, GNU make etc.