Ready-made yet made-to-measure

Content management

Auftraggeber: Deutscher Apotheker Verlag

Deutsche Apotheker Verlag spent a long time looking for a suitable content management system. Stefan Fisahn from the Electronic Media department says: The systems available on the market painted a strange picture from the outset, as they did both too much and too little at the same time. In other words, they weren’t suitable. So he decided to design the ideal solution himself. The system, which he named <DABI /> (DatenBibliothek), needed to be modular, able to grow and mature over time, and use existing standard components e.g. an XML database or version control as far as possible.

As well as system integration, le-tex supplied the web interface for accessing the different output formats and the XML data of the books, journals, and loose-leaf publications. For selected works, the authors can now manage the content directly with an online editor in <DABI /> and save different versions as XML. With the help of an XML database, a full text search and a search for various semantic criteria can be performed on the content. It can also be linked to external data sources such as ONIX Export from Klopotek Verlagssoftware. Gabriele Strobel, Head of the Electronic Media department, says the following about <DABI />: With this system, we are perfectly equipped for the integrated print and e-production of the future. The system offers excellent investment protection, because if we discover a more suitable tool for a particular purpose, we can simply integrate this tool without having to change the whole system.

le-tex is on our wavelength. When it comes to content management, XML conversion, agile development from standard components, typesetting, and e-books, le-tex is more than just a service provider. It is a sparring partner. le-tex’s approach is pragmatic, inventive, and straightforward.

Stefan Fisahn, Electronic Media, Deutscher Apotheker Verlag