Content Management

Web applications tool kit

We help you handle your content independently and effortlessly by providing suitable tools, which we configure according to your requirements. These allow you to manage texts using our web editors, for example, store different XML versions of them, and generate them in all the required output formats. From applications for editorial work through systems for managing large quantities of data to tools for converting data for a wide range of uses—le-tex provides you with smart solutions to facilitate your day-to-day work.

We develop customer-specific web applications for you ranging from solutions for individual cases to a "control center" that allows you to monitor and control your processes. For this purpose, we developed a progressive web framework built on customizable components, some freely available and some that we have developed ourselves, which we combine, configure, and if necessary develop further, depending on your needs. This allows us to execute prototype functions rapidly and work closely with you to develop them to production stage.

The technical basis for our applications is Ruby on Rails. Data is saved in a relational database, in the file system, and/or in an SVN repository. We use Bootstrap for the implementation of the responsive web interface.

You can run your applications yourself on a Linux server or assign us to host them. We rent a suitable server for you, monitor its operation, take care of security updates, and create backups if needed.

Our license terms ensure that your investment is secure. You receive the source code for your application, and you can choose to assign us with maintenance and further development, handle it yourself, or organize it through third parties.

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Fax: +49 341 355356 520


  • Saving of content as XML

  • Role, user, and team-based rights system

  • Tree and list display of content objects

  • Saving of different file versions in the file system

  • Data conversion using transpect

  • PDF generation with LaTeX

  • Online editor

  • Simple workflow control

  • Data exchange: HTTP, FTP, e-mail, WebDAV